Gifts For Preppers

Your 2021 Gift Guide

To give is more blessed than receive, right?…or is it?

Well, no matter which side of the equation you’re on, if you’re trying to find a survival gift for somebody, look no further. While there are always an infinite number of compasses, packs and other trinkets in the industry, this short list of gifts for preppers was uniquely created for real people, that are truly on the journey to self sufficiency.

Best of all, there’s something at every price point! So without further ado, here you go:

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Survival Classes and Training Experiences

One of the most transformative gifts you can give somebody is a survival class or training. Although these tend to be on the more expensive side, they offer the opportunity to acquire life-changing skills, and add priceless personal contacts to your network (many industry experts and thought leaders would never respond to a random email from a stranger, but they would respond to a former student).

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, here are a handful of classes and survival trainings that would make incredible gifts:

Concealed Carry Classes

Online Concealed Carry Class

If you’ve been meaning to get your concealed carry permit, there’s no better time or easier way than this. This video course offers all the information that you need to safely, legally get your concealed carry permit in 28 states. Knock the entire class out quickly and from the convenience of your own home for just $47, and receive the certificate you need to send in to the state licensing board. This is a small but life-changing investment to make.

Ray Mears Survival

Ray Mears Woodlore and Bushcraft Course

Want to go track lions in Namibia? Perhaps test your cold weather survival skills in the great north? Learn from one of the original fathers of modern day bushcraft, with one of Ray Mears’ truly once in a lifetime woodlore expeditions.

Whole Systems Design Course

Permaculture Design Course from Whole Systems Design

Learn how to design any environment to help you with your self-sufficiency goals–food abundance, water security, energy, animal husbandry, fruit and nut orchards, passive solar design, and much much more. Learn to apply patterns-based thinking to any context. I went to Vermont and completed this course in 2015, and my life has never been the same.

On Point Tactical Escape and Evasion Class

Urban Escape and Evasion Class from On Point Tactical

Bored and restless with the humdrum of everyday life? Perhaps you’d like to be kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car? This no-nonsense class teaches students how to deal with crises and survival situations they may deal with in the urban environment. Disguises, false papers, lock-picking, getaway vehicles, urban bug out bag gear, and more.

DARK Medical Training

Dark Angel Medical Course

When lives are on the line, there is no substitute for sound medical training. Dark Angel is the premier leader in trauma and emergency medical training. With their flagship “Direct Action Response” training and kits, they equip students to confidently respond to life’s emergencies.

Front Sight Firearms Training

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Based outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, Front Sight maintains a world-class, first of it’s kind training facility, where students can come get multi-day instruction in tactical handgun, shotgun, or rifle training. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes find their lifetime memberships available as well–unlimited instruction throughout your life.

Murray Hallam Aquaponics

The Original Aquaponics Design Course With Murray Hallam

Learn how to design and build closed-loop ecosystems where fish and vegetables grow together symbiotically. Murray Hallam is the salty Australian veteran who has pioneered aquaponics for decades. This video course shows case studies and lessons learned from around the world. Get his formulas, build processes, and secrets for complete success with your aquaponic project (both home and commercial scale!).


Prepper Books As Gifts

The Best Gifts For Preppers (By Price)

Gifts Under $20

Kershaw Cryo EDC Knife:

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know well that I am not a knife snob (see this sermon for proof). Nevertheless, there is no denying the incredible utility of a knife, and it behooves everyone to have one on them. The Kershaw Cryo is the knife I have carried on me for over 2 years. It is inexpensive, really thin, really easy to open, and extremely durable. Yes, I know that there are a million other choices, and plenty of knife snobs out there to tell me that I’m wrong for carrying this, but I have loved it.

Kershaw Cryo - Gifts for Preppers

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Even though some guys think pepper spray is strictly a “chick prep”, it’s not! Get this stuff. In many cases, it’s the best legal implement that you can use to protect yourself. Although it’s not a replacement for a firearm, it’s the perfect compliment. It’s small, it’s inexpensive, and incredibly effective at close distances. Great for warding off animal attacks as well. Don’t be too much of a “tough guy” to consider pepper spray in your preps!

Pepper Spray - Gifts For Preppers

Modern Homesteading: Rediscovering The American Dream

The message of this book is that anyone can homestead. Even if you live in the city, have a 9-5 job, are low on funds, or haven’t grown up with a tremendous amount of “hands-on” skill, there is still a version of homesteading that fits your situation. Written by the YouTube-famous “Wranglerstar” couple, this book gives readers an up close and personal look at exactly what their family went through in their journey towards self-sufficient homesteading. At the end of each chapter, there are also a few pages of what they call “Wisdom From the Journey”, as well as explanations of practical, hands-on skills. This creates the perfect balance between narrative and How-To. Extremely inspirational.

Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter

This inexpensive filter gets my award for versatility. Its threaded end allows it to screw directly on to a water bottle, hose bib, hot water heater and more. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it also works with your Camelback hose, gravity fed water storage bladders, and even has a straw attachment that allows you to drink directly from a river or other source of your choosing.

Gifts Under $50

Emberlit Stove

The Emberlit Stove makes an awesome prep (and a great piece of gear for trail enthusiasts too). Durable and lightweight, it’s completely collapsible, and can turn any fuel into a focused, controlled cook fire in it’s small firebox. So that could mean a fuel tablet, or sticks that you find laying around. Simply snap the pieces together, light your fire, and feed it from one side to the other.

Emberlit Stove - Gifts For Preppers

Growing Your Own Groceries Video Course

This course is not some pretty little, color-corrected, feel-good training. It’s not about growing ornamentals or making your yard look like something from Better Homes and Gardens. What it is however, is a raw and EXTREMELY real look at what it’s like to produce the calories your family needs. You’re going to see weeds, poop, and even a rabbit killed and butchered right before you on camera. I purchased this in the summer of 2015, and even as somebody who has gardened for multiple years and is a certified permaculture designer, I still got a lot out of it. Highly recommended.

The Resilient Farm and Homestead Manual

Looking to design your property (or next property) into a productive paradise? You will definitely want to check out The Resilient Farm and Homestead! Written by permaculture expert Ben Falk, this manual is chock full of advice to help you design and create your homestead or micro-homestead. In it you will find specific advice on:

  • designing your property for maximum productivity
  • earthworks
  • growing rice in a small space
  • the difference between being “green” and being a real producer
  • chickens, ducks, rabbits and other livestock
  • fuel wood
  • medicine gardens
  • simultaneously heating your home and your water with a woodstove (schematic diagram)
  • so much more!!

Water BOB:

The Water BOB is a great prep for last minute water storage. With just a few minutes notice, the Water BOB can be deployed in your bathtub and filled with potable water. While you may not always have the luxury of a few extra minutes, it doesn’t hurt to keep one or 2 of these on hand for your bathtubs. Holds 100 gallons.

Physical Silver

How about giving the gift that keeps on giving? This may be a little too boring for some people, but I loved it when my friend gave my little girl an ounce of silver for her 1st birthday.  Precious metals have historically been one of the best investments out there. Period. And with ever increasing uncertainty in world markets, the gift of a silver coin or bar could be the perfect gateway to help a loved one make their foray into precious metals.

Silver Coin - Gifts for Preppers

Cobra 00 Watt Car Inverter

A car inverter like this is inexpensive, and can power the critical components of your home while you have gas in your tank. Simply hook it to the battery terminals, and draw the wattage you need. The load is obviously limited, and as I say, you’re not going to be able to power a rock concert with it, but at 800 Watts, it will give you lights, radio, tv, computers, and possibly a microwave or refrigerator at least intermittently. Well worth it.

Encrypted Thumb Drive

This may be the “gift of gifts” for the true modern survivalist. In a world that runs on information, an encrypted thumb drive keeps yours safe and constantly at your fingertips. Information stored on these drives are encrypted, so that nobody’s going where nobody ain’t supposed to. Best of all, they hook right on your keychain as part of your EDC, so you’re never far from it. Perfect for the storage and quick access of:

  • Birth certificates
  • CC info
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Insurance documents
  • Passwords
  • Scans of Social Security Cards
  • Medical records House title and mortgage info

Gifts Under $100

Goal Zero Nomad 20

If you haven’t seen these guys yet, you owe yourself a look. Goal Zero makes a wide assortment of solar panels and storage batteries that are perfect for the prepper in your life. From small and portable kits for your bug out bag, to emergency home backup systems like the Yeti 1250, there’s a solution that makes sense for every situation. Perfect for:

  • Flashlights
  • HAM radios
  • GPS units
  • Emergency beacons
  • Cell phones
  • iPods
  • Laptops
Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus - Gifts For Preppers

A Week of Emergency Food

Unlike most of the preparedness bloggers out there, I actually DON’T recommend that you load up on 6 months of the commercial dehydrated “food storage.” However, I do think it’s a good idea to have 1-2 weeks of these easy-to-prepare entrees per person. Why? They are PERFECT for your family’s bug out bags. Simply add hot water to the contents of the pouch, and you’re done. They are extremely light, and take up hardly any room in your bag.

7 Day Food Supply - Gifts For Preppers

$100+ Gifts For Preppers

BioLite Stove

The BioLite stove is a thermoelectric camp stove that can be used to power USB connected devices while it’s warming your hands and cooking your food. The great thing about BioLite is that it doesn’t take any fancy fuel, it can be powered with just twigs and sticks that you find on the ground around you. No need to carry special tablets or canisters with you.

BioLite Stove - Gifts For Preppers

RPNB Biometric Pistol Safe

As a responsible firearms owner, few things are more important than how you secure your firearm when it’s not in use. The RPNB biometric safe allows you to conveniently store your handgun, in a way that is still quickly accessible if needed. With the scan of your finger, the safe opens and your firearm can be deployed.

Big Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey line of water filters are legendary for their ability to filter out all kinds of impurities and toxins. My wife and I got ours at the beginning of 2015, and have used it for everything since then. In addition to getting our drinking water from it, we’ve used it to make ice, to make baby bottles, in cooking, watering the dog and more! Our household has 2 adults and 2 small children, and we end up filling it roughly every 2 days. If your household is any bigger, I would definitely recommend getting the next size up, which is the Royal Berkey.

Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Propane Heater

For millions of people living in the Northern Hemisphere, proper protection from the elements is the difference between sleeping comfortably and hypothermia–every single night. Give yourself a backup plan with the Buddy, by Mr. Heater. This indoor-safe portable heating solution runs on simple propane cans. Perfect for vehicles too!


For the preppers that are looking to up their EDC game, why not score them some Jason Bourne outerwear. That’s right, if you’re not familiar yet, Scottevest manufactures an entire line of jackets and vests made for covert EDC carry. Although they look simple enough from the outside, Scottevest products feature waterproofed interior pockets for storing your wallet, phone, plus TONS of other EDC items. Check em out!

Scott E Vest

Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

Talk to someone who’s lived in a hurricane area for any length of time, and they will tell you that chainsaws are worth their weight in gold! But it’s not just hurricanes alone–any area that gets high winds is prone to falling trees, telephone poles, older structures, and more. Having a chainsaw isn’t just about making your yard pretty again. The ability to access emergency services, and for them to access you, is very literally the difference between life and death. Even if you don’t have any tall trees on your property, think about everybody that lives between you and where you need to go. If there are 14 logs crossing a road that you need to travel, you’re out of luck. Chainsaws are also the ultimate for clearing heavy brush and timber, or processing wood that will be used for heating.

BioLite Stove - Gifts For Preppers

The Excalibur Dehydrator

This puppy isn’t cheap, but it is by far the Rolls Royce of food dehydrators. Quick and even drying, it can handle vegetables, herbs, or meat. It can also be used to dry pasta, make yogurt, cheese, dry nuts, or raise bread. If you are serious about food preservation, this is a quintessential tool in your toolbox.

Schumacher Portable Power Station XP2260

This unique car prep runs a little over $100 and includes:

  • A jump starter
  • Air compressor
  • Inflator
  • 2 DC outlets (cigarette lighter jacks)
  • 2 AC outlets (3-pronged wall outlets)
  • An emergency light
  • USB charging port
  • and more!

A unit like this is one of the best preps you could possibly have in your car. I got this one specifically for my wife’s car, but I plan on having one in mine as well. It can save your butt in a multitude of ways, and it can also help you be the hero for others as well (who doesn’t want to be a knight in shining armor?).

Just For Fun

Zombies Posters and Signs

Are you ready for the undead? There’s nothing like a little reminder to keep you on your toes. No prepper’s office is complete without this puppy! Aslo great for the garage, the shop, or heck–if you’re salty enough, say it loud and put this thing in the front room!

Public Toilet Survival Kit

When your stomach is rumbling and Val’s truck stop is the only thing around for 100 miles, you know what you have to do. Thankfully, Archie’s Public Toilet Survival Kit has your back(side). Keep this puppy handy, and dig yourself 1 less latrine!

Tactical Grilling Apron

Get your tactical on even harder with this gnarly apron. This mollified wonder is the perfect housing for your instruments of battle… and the grill. Being an operator isn’t easy, but it’s your life.

Keychain Survival Library SCP Body Content-1

Not sure what to buy for the prepper in your life, or have someone with space/distance limitations? Get them the Keychain Survival Library. This high-quality USB drive has 906 survival guides, manuals, and PDFs–for just $39. Topics include:

  • Military, Combat and Tactical (68 downloads)
  • Wilderness Survival (67 downloads)
  • Food Production, Preservation, Storage and Preparation (298 downloads)
  • Homesteading Skills (105 downloads)
  • Health and Emergency Medicine (88 downloads)
  • Security and Defense (29 downloads)
  • Bushcraft (20)
  • Communications and Electrical (28)
  • General Survival and Disaster Preparedness (57 downloads)
  • Alternative Energy (40 downloads)
  • Water Storage, Treatment, and Resupply (50 downloads)
  • Alternative Home and Shelter Construction (26 downloads)
  • Knot Tying (13 downloads)
  • Street Smarts and Urban Survival (17 downloads)

Not sure you need the USB drive? There’s also a digital version of the exact same collection, that you can download with the push of a button, then store on your computer, hard drive, or copy to a thumb drive, and put on your keyring so you have it everywhere (and the digital version is just $18).

Need More Ideas?

Hopefully this at least gives you a few ideas of some gifts for survivalists or preppers that you can purchase. If you’re specifically interested in gifts for outdoor sports and hobbies, check out fishing gifts, camping gifts, or gifts for hunters on Gear Lobo. You can also check out my complete survival gear recommendations here.