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Permaculture Chickens

The official masterclass on raising chickens for eggs, meat, pest control, and fertilizer.

Collect Fresh Eggs

Gather your own fresh, organic eggs in the morning for breakfast.

Organic Meat

Non-GMO, organic chicken meat at your doorstep. Kiss Tyson Farms goodbye forever.

Pest Control

Say goodbye to spiders, mosquitoes, beetles, locusts, crickets, and more!

Free Fertilizer

Your small flock of chickens dramatically increases the fertility on your property.

I’m Finally Getting Chickens…

by Dan Carpenter

I’m like many of you…

For several years, I’ve wanted to raise chickens, so that I can be more self-sufficient.


Because raising backyard chickens provides you with sustainable eggs and meat. Eggs and meat are protein-rich calorie sources that don’t depend on a grocery store or elaborate trucking system, and can keep you alive if necessary.

Seems pretty straightforward right?

Unfortunately, as many of us know, this simple vision can get confusing in a hurry.

What kind of chickens should I buy? What type of chicken coop is best for me? Is organic feed really worth paying extra for? What do I do when it starts freezing outside? What if my chickens stop laying eggs? What if they get sick? What if chickens are against my zoning ordinances?


To complicate matters, most of us don’t have friends or family members that are chicken farmers.

In fact, a lot of my friends think the idea of backyard chickens is just plain stupid–something only a true redneck would ever do. That leaves us with the options of either: searching the internet for answers to one question at a time, or seeking out a stranger and somehow arranging a field trip to go check out their operation. Neither one of which is super appealing.

…Enter “Permaculture Chickens”

One day I heard a podcast interview with a dude named Justin Rhodes. He was from North Carolina, but had raised thousands of chickens all over the world. He was extremely down to earth, and explained that the biggest pieces of the chicken equation can be handled simply by working with nature–“permaculture.”

He talked about the best breeds for egg-laying and broilers, the smartest ways to save money on chicken feed, the smartest housing options he’s seen, the most common problems that happen to beginning chicken keepers, which herbs can help your chickens lay higher quality eggs, and much more.

He also mentioned that he had a masterclass that walked students through the ENTIRE process, from “hatchling to the plate”

I enrolled in the class, and was BLOWN AWAY. 

In Just a Couple Short Days I Learned:

  • Which chicken breeds make the best layers
  • Which breeds are best for broilers
  • 20 ways to feed your chickens for free
  • How to winterize my flock
  • 3 solid options for chicken houses (and EXACTLY how to build them!)
  • How to humanely slaughter and butcher a chicken
  • The most crucial part to establishing young chicks
  • How to set up your chicken brooder

Here’s What The Heavy Hitters Are Saying:

“I’m honored to work on this film! ”
Joel Salatin

“Very, very nice!”
Geoff Lawton

“I like it! Justin could be one of our guys!”
Paul Wheaton

So, What’s Included?

  • A full 2 hours and 30 minutes of video tutorials, covering feed types, housing, disease management, breeding chickens for a profit, and everything else you need to know to raise chickens.
  • The “Up and Running” bare essentials checklist for chickens
  • Creative feeds worksheet
  • Complete plans and step by step building instructions for building a “Chickshaw”, chicken tractor, bucket nest, and dust box.
  • The “Herbifying Your Flock” complete starter plan (including specific recommendations for 29 common herbs)
  • 5 Stages of Breeding checklist

Plus These Bonuses:

  • Bonus video: Complete Winter Management For Your Small Flock
  • Bonus video: Incorporating Homestead Ducks

What Is The Investment?

Normally, a masterclass experience involves getting on a plane and going in person (I know, because I did it 4 times last year!). So you are paying for plane tickets, hotels, transportation, and tickets to attend the event–it can easily be $2,000-$3000.

And you know what… a lot of times it’s still worth it! If you come away with tips and skills that will end up saving you time and money for years to come, then it’s a smart investment.

Luckily, the Permaculture Chickens masterclass is even better.

Because it can be sent to you without the costs of attend in-person, “event overhead”, you get the complete course and all the bonuses for $69.

The value is insane. The course covers EVERYTHING, in an incredibly simple, approachable way. You get special tips from industry experts like Joel Salatin. And most importantly, this course helps you take action.

Whether you’re just barely getting started, or have had a small flock for a little while, and need a flock “tune up”, Permaculture Chickens is the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


The digital film is HUGE. Will I be able to download it?
Most modern computers and internet connections can handle the 6GB movie file. Yes, it’s huge. It’s a 2.5 hour, high res film. I believe the content deserves the quality. Some folks set up their computer to download overnight. Others go to a friends house or a place of business to download the film. To upload the film (which is even slower) I went to an internet providers office in town. They’re happy to accommodate me for free.
Can I download the film onto my iPad or tablet?
Digital goods are delivered through a service called Gumroad. You can download what’s called the “Gumroad Library” onto your iOS device and watch the film. However, you can’t download it to your iPad. For more information click here
Can I access my stuff, even if I don't download it right away?
Yes, just go back to your email receipt (from Abundant Permaculture) and click on the appropriate link. If you don’t have a Gumroad account, you’ll be asked to create one (it’s free). Then, you’ll have access to your “Gumroad Library”.
Do I have to download the film to watch it again?
No, you can choose to just stream it online.
I lost my digital file of the film, can I access it again?

Sure, just find your email receipt from “Abundant Permaculture” (from the day you purchased), and the link to your product will be there.

If, after watching the film, I’d like to know more about______. What should I do?

Justin gives out his email readily, and welcome questions. Email him: Justin at AbundantPermaculture dot com. You can also email him directly, if you are interested in visiting his farm, or if you are interested in having him speak or consult. 

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