There Are Lots of Problems–The Solution is A Homestead.

If you’re on this website, then you already understand that you don’t have to live like everybody else. The debt, the stress, the media whirlwind, and the headaches of keeping up with the Jones’, is exhausting and pointless.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

The decision to be self sufficient means that you have decided to put yourself in control. In control of your physical necessities, your finances, your health, your mental head space, and a million other things.

Your homestead is the nucleus of these self sufficiency efforts. It’s here that you can stack the deck in your favor.

A well-oiled homestead is always working for you, even while you’re gone or sleeping. The food, water, and energy systems that you set up can be a continuously productive asset, becoming more and more valuable the older that they get. Every year they save you more money, give you more health.

A productive homestead like this doesn’t happen by accident though. It takes a carefully planned strategy and decisive action.

Enter Homestead Launch.

Homestead Launch helps you do exactly this. Using our free, 3-minute homestead assessment, we help you create a blueprint that’s realistic to your goals as well as your constraints.

Next, we pair you up with real estate professionals in your area that specialize in homesteading properties. These are folks that completely understand the importance of self-sufficiency. They know about food production, off-grid power, and the importance of a clean and secure water supply. Many of them have personally lived the self-sufficient lifestyle their entire lives. They help you identify and purchase a property that meets your criteria. In most cases, they can also recommend a whole host of local resources to help you with your homestead.

If you are already on the property that you are planning to homestead, then you already have this step taken care of. Nevertheless, our free assessment provides you with a prioritized plan of “80/20” action–in other words, the 20% of things you can do that will give you 80% of the positive results you are looking for.

Finally, we recommend equipment and homestead professionals to help you build your self sufficient home, as well as your systems for food production, water security, and alternative energy.

Want to Work With Us?

Take our free assessment. If you haven’t already, the best way to get started working with us is to get your free homestead assessment. It takes roughly 3-5 minutes to go through, and upon completion, you’ll get our recommendations and next steps.

Get our help in your homestead property search. For those of you that are on the search for the perfect homestead property, we can help. We work with real estate professionals all over the country that specialize in homestead properties (both agents and otherwise). Send us a brief email, and give us a rough idea of your area and goals. If we have a contact in your area that we feel could be a good fit, we’re happy to put you guys in touch. If you like them, you can work with them–if not, no hard feelings either.

Get 1-on-1 advice. If you would like to get specific advice about your homestead property, and how to maximize the food, water, and energy production on it, we offer a handful of 1-on-1 consultations each month as well. These consultations are done via video call on Skype or Google Chat. During your consultation, we look at any photos, maps or aerial views you have of your property, and provide you with an extremely lean, streamlined set of 80/20 recommendations and next steps. We’ll also connect you with any friends and contacts we have in your area (we’ll even reach out to them for you if you prefer). After all, one of the biggest components of a successful homestead is being able to learn and share with other homesteaders in your area. Our consults are $55 for 55 minutes.

Explore our homestead library. Since 2010, we have published several guides on all aspects of self sufficiency–water filtration, alternative energy, shipping container homes, food storage, firearms, budgeting, homestead defense, and much more. There are more of these added all the time, so be sure to check back (or subscribe by email).

About Your Host

My name is Dan Carpenter. I’m the principal at Homestead Launch, and I’m extremely passionate about homesteads.

When I started my journey towards self sufficiency in 2010, I was a twenty-something newlywed living in San Diego. I was working with a large survival gear manufacturer, and had come to the realization that i was leading a very fragile life. I wanted to be less dependent on outside inputs that were beyond my control.

My journey since that time has taken me in and out of gardens, food storage, gun making, budget hacks, off grid construction, aquaponics, land investing, permaculture and more. And in the process, I’ve scampered all over the globe–Lithuania, Kansas City, Vermont, Cancun, Florida, Boston, the Arctic tip of Alaska, and several other places.

THE DAILY PREP Officially Sunsetted

I was the founder and creator of The Daily Prep, a preparedness website that I ran for 6 and a half years. I created over 400 videos about prepping on YouTube, and generated close to 3 million video views. In 2017, I made the decision to concentrate my focus exclusively on helping people establish their homesteads, and I officially retired The Daily Prep.

Much of the best content from The Daily Prep is still live and available on Homestead Launch (if you look closely you will still see an occasional reference to The Daily Prep). For starters, be sure to check the “Free Guides” section on the top navigation bar.

Here is a quick video explaining the transition:

I currently live in the mountains of Utah with my wife and 2 kids. I am a licensed Realtor, a Certified Permaculture Designer, and I’m passionate about self-sufficiency. I help people plan, purchase, and build their homesteads, and I’m actively working on my own homestead as well.

When I’m not trying to prepare for disaster, you can find me at: a library, a baseball game, the mountains, the beach, a donut shop, a church, a 10k run, a Central American surf spot, the pool, a museum, following my wife around some home furnishing store, or plopped down on my sofa watching some great TV.

Questions about your homestead, the projects that I’m working on, or anything else? Shoot me an email!