We help people find, buy, and develop their self-sufficient homesteads.

So, What Step Can We Help You With?

1. Homestead Planning

Starting a homestead takes careful planning, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Follow our simple recommendations here to get going.

2. Finding Property

Finding the right homesteading property is crucial. We help you find the location, land, and house to fit your homesteading goals.

3. Establishing Systems

Now it’s time to set up your self sufficient home and property with systems for production–energy, food, water, and more.

Conventional home ownership is a thankless ritual.


Think about it.

We pay a bunch of money to go live in an expensive house, that’s made of inefficient materials and costs a lot to maintain, on a tiny piece of property.

Start Your Modern homesteadOur houses look like all the neighbors houses because it was easier that way, which meant a quicker, fatter paycheck for some developer. Our fearless bureaucrats tell us whether we’re allowed to keep chickens or not, and just in case we need a little more direction, we have HOAs to tell us what colors we can paint our house.

To top it off, we work long hours to pay for it all (after all, this is the dream right?).

But there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

People like us all over the globe are beginning to choose something better. They’re moving out of suburban cul-de-sacs and starting new lives. They’re taking out lawns and planting food. They’re installing solar and kissing the grid goodbye. They’re living in smaller, more thoughtfully designed homes. They’re cutting expenses and doing more on less.

They’re living simpler, fuller lives.

It’s time to establish your modern homestead.

A modern homestead is focused on 1 thing: using your real estate to generate productive outputs.

It flips the home ownership nightmare on its head. Instead of being a resource drain, your modern homestead is a resource generator. It generates food, water, and energy for your family’s needs. In some cases, it may even produce an additional revenue stream for you.

Your homestead is the foundation on which all the other facets of your life can stem from–business ventures, self-sufficiency efforts, health, hobbies, and more. It’s the backbone. The nucleus.

It will be the backdrop to many happy memories with loved ones.

So, what exactly does a modern homestead look like?

Many people hear the word “homestead”, and automatically think, “100 acres and a red barn.”

Urban homesteadIn actuality, the modern homestead can take on many different forms.

It’s a tiny apartment in the middle of the urban sprawl that’s set up with a rainwater catchment and container gardens. It’s a house in the burbs that’s installed solar and converted it’s grass into food production. It’s a rural property that can power all of its electrical needs with a microhydro generator in the stream.

No matter what the size or location, your property becomes your modern homestead the moment that it’s centered on production.

How do I set up my homestead?

Establishing your homestead is a thoughtful but exciting project. And we’re here to help you with it.

The first leg of the journey is to take all the ideas that you have floating around in the ether, and distill them down into a concrete plan. When we help people plan their homestead, we start by making a thorough assessment of their goals and their life situation.

Modern homestead planIt’s important to look holistically at all the educational, medical, career, and family needs when you’re planning your homestead. If your kids would be miserable without soccer, then your homestead needs to be close enough to make soccer happen. If you have an elderly parent living with you, then we need to make sure you’re within striking distance to their medical needs.

For starters, we invite you to take 5 minutes and thoughtfully go through our assessment. It’s free, and will give you some pretty good ideas to use in your property search.

Buying homestead property

With a solid plan in place, the next step is to actually secure your homesteading property.

Many of us are currently on the search for a homestead site that better reflects our goals and needs, but for some, it’s the property that you’re already living on. If you are on the search, then actually purchasing a property is part of this step.

Modern Homestead FarmHere again, for some of you guys, we can actually help you with this step as well. We are licensed real estate agents that specialize in helping buyers find their homesteading property. And we work with a small group of similarly-minded agents across the country.

Obviously we aren’t able to help everybody, but if you’re interested, shoot us a quick note, and tell us about your situation. If we can help you out, we’re happy to. If not, we’ll at least point you in the right direction (sorry, we’re not able to help with property purchases outside the U.S.).

Establishing systems

Lastly, comes the process of establishing your productive systems. This is when your solar panels or windmill gets installed, your fruit trees are planted, your aquaponics setup is built, and everything else that may be in your plan.

This is the part that takes the longest. To be truthful, you could really be “establishing systems” for several years. And that’s not a bad thing. The longer that you spend on your homestead, the better equipped you’ll be to understand weather and environmental factors, and make decisions about where to site things.

Bon Voyage

Yes, you don’t have to live like everybody else. It IS possible to set up a thoughtfully-planned homestead, that yields productive outputs. It is an exciting process, and with clear focus and the help of like-minded individuals, it’s an extremely rewarding one too.

We’re on your side. We want you to have what you want. We’ll do our best to help you find solutions that are in line with your goals, while still not betraying the realities of your life.

We’re glad you’re here, and look forward to being on the journey with you.

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